What is it?

Cryptocurrency is a buzz word and we have the general media to thank for this. Whilst many people around the world know what the likes of Bitcoin is and how quickly it has increased in value, many do not in fact understand how to invest, own or trade it.

There are two main ways to take advantage of Cryptocurrencies. By physically buying Crypto or buy trading Crypto. Both offer unique benefits which we will break down below:

Owning Crypto Trading
Physically own the underlying asset? Yes No
How hard is it to buy/sell Medium – High Easy
How expensive is it to buy/sell? 1% – 25% < 2%
Margin/leverage? 1:4
Possible third party risk Medium – High Low
Easy to start/ Ease of use Medium – High Easy
Ability to earn from the increase in price movement Yes Yes
Ability to earn from the decrease in price movement No Yes
Easy and quick to close a trade or sell off Crypto? Variable Yes
Easy to fund using Fiat Currency? Variable Yes
Easy to withdraw funds in Fiat Currency? No Yes
Required knowledge to start Yes No
Practice trading? No Yes
Dedicated account manager and support? No Yes
24/6 Support? No Yes

Whilst we are totally supportive and behind the physical Cryptocurrency markets, we understand that unless you are in the know, there are a lot of pitfalls to investing in physically owning Cryptocurrency.

That is why we decided to simplify Crypto investing for everyone allowing individual investors to use their Fiat Currencies (USD, EUR, GBP et al.), to buy and sell with ease.

Additionally, the overall benefits offered by Trading Cryptocurrency with us are:

  1. it’s quick and easy.
  2. you can trade and profit from both an increase and decrease in price movement
  3. you get more bang for your buck with 1:4 leverage. If you fund with $100, you have $400 buying power.
  4. access to invest in over 800 Cryptocurrencies on one platform with one provider.
  5. cheap and cost effective way to enjoy all the benefits and value of physically owning Crypto without the hassle and fuss
  6. ability to enter and exit trades efficient and even withdraw profits or funds at anytime.
  7. create a safety net with special order types like take profit and or stop loss orders. Protect your investment easily.